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BSquared Network will hold a Airdrop. (Details).



Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    According to information from open sources, there are plans for a token launch, but currently, there is no exact date for the TGE (Token Generation Event).

  • BSquared Network



    B² Network is excited to launch B² Buzz, a campaign to incentivize users to bridge assets to mine the native token of B² Network and receive yields and other ecosystem rewards.

    • Mining Rewards
      • Referral
      • Mining
      • Activity
      • Active

      Activities on the Project Page

      Familiarize yourself with the B² Buzz: 1st phase

      Deposit: 2nd phase

      • Win mining rigs parts by bridging assets from other network to B² Network
      • Assemble ming rigs with parts you have

      Minnet Launch: 3rd phase

      • Claim assets to B² Network
      • Mining B² native token, receiving yield and more rewards

      Withdraw: 4th phase

      • Withdrawals enabled for assets bridged

      The process of mining:

      1. Receive an invite code 
      2. Deposit assets to win mining rig parts
      3. Assemble mining rig with parts
      4. Team up with friends to mine B² token, receive yield, and more ecosystem rewards using mining rigs

      Campaign Reward Info

      • A mining pool of B² Network native tokens
      • Native yield and ecosystem project rewards


Ended Rounds

Project Details



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