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Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    According to information from open sources, there are plans for a token launch, but currently, there is no exact date for the TGE (Token Generation Event).

  • Xterio

    Airdrop for NFT Holders

    • Collection FDV
      $15.61 M #!
    • Floor Price
      $2.28 K 0.64 ETH
    • 1D Volume
      $76.12 K 178.35 ETH
    • 7D Volume
      $634.97 K 178.35 ETH
    • 1D Change
    • 7D Change
    • Mint Date
      15 Dec, 2023
    • Owners
      1747 29.12%
    • Supply

    Xterio is a free-to-play-and-earn game developer and publisher founded by veterans of the game industry. Xterio stands strong with an impressive $65M (public figure) in backing from elite investors in the realms of crypto and gaming. Overworld is the flagship WEB3 RPG game from Xterio Studio, which received $2.5 million from Xterio.

    Distribution: You will receive a claim $XTER at token listing

    • Play-To-Earn
      • Upcoming

      Complete in-game quests and dungeons with an Incarna equipped:

      Engage in exciting in-game adventures to earn $MNCT.

      Trade in-game items or services: Exchange them with fellow players in return for $MNCT tokens.

    • Hold NFT
      • Active

      Holding an Incarna NFT and Overworld Keys: You'll receive a claim of $MNCT at token listing.

      Soft Staking Incarna NFT: This method will earn you additional $MNCT over time.


Ended Rounds

  • Xterio

    Funding Round

    • Raised
      $15 M
    • Investors
      Binance Labs Binance Labs
  • Xterio

    Funding Round

    • Raised
      $40 M
    • Investors
      HashKey Capital HashKey Capital
      • Animoca Brands
      • FTX Ventures
      • Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC)
      • +6

Token Allocation

Project Details

Token Release Schedule




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Total Raised
$55 M In 3 rounds