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Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    According to information from open sources, there are plans for a token launch, but currently, there is no exact date for the TGE (Token Generation Event).

  • Setter

    Point Farming

    Point Farming

    Setter is a US-based company offering a cutting-edge app that bridges traditional e-commerce with web3 commerce, allowing users to RSVP for exclusive product drops and earn rewards through various activities, all while streamlining the digital shopping experience.

    • Drop box waves
      • Event
      • Claim
      • Points
      • Active


      Premint Winners/Guaranteed Spots

      • Claim Date: January 12th.
      • Exclusive Access Time: Starting at 11 AM EST, one hour before general access.
      • We already can buy collection.
      • Learn more: Read litepaper to learn more.


      HODL Bonus Program Details
      Our HODL Bonus program is designed to reward you for holding onto your crates.

      • Eligibility: You are eligible if you own a claim crate.
      • How It Works: Your bonus starts accumulating the moment you mint or buy a crate.
      • Bonus Details: Daily, you get a 1% bonus based on your NFT point value. This bonus can build up to a maximum of 100% of the original value if held for 100 consecutive days.
      • Example: Hold a 20,000-point NFT for 100 days, and you could earn an extra 20,000 points.
      • Duration: The bonus is tied to each NFT and starts as soon as you get your crate.
      • Tracking Your Bonus: Bonuses accrue in real-time throughout the day. Check the leaderboard every 15 minutes for updated bonus points.
      • Important Note: Moving an NFT to a different wallet or selling it will reset the bonus for that NFT. Crates held for longer periods of time hold more value.
    • Drop tokens for NFT
      • Airdrop
      • NFT
      • Active

      Early Access: Crate Holders | App Users | 100% Galxe Mission Users

      • Claim Date: February 29.
      • Exclusive Access Time: Starting at 12 Noon EST
      • Claim Duration: 24hrs to claim their crates while supplies last.
      • Availability: 10,000 claim crates.
      • Cost: 0.03 ETH on Base
      • Limit: Two mints per wallet.
      • Note: All crates may be claimed this wave

      Community Access: All Setter Users (Reserve List Included) | Farcaster Users | Lens Users

      • Mint Window Opens: March 1st at 12 Noon EST.
      • Availability: The remaining claim crates if available.
      • Cost: 0.03 ETH on Base
      • Limit: No limit per wallet.
    • Activity airdrop
      • Activity
      • Active

      $STR is designed to reward community engagement and participation. Here are the ways you can earn $STR:

      • Registration Reward: Earn a one-time reward of 1,000 $STR for registering.
      • Referral Program: Refer a friend and earn 2,500 $STR.
      • RSVP Bonus: Participate in events and earn 100 $STR, subject to daily, weekly, and monthly caps.

Ended Rounds

  • Setter

    Seed Round

    • Raised
      $5 M
    • Investors
      a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) a16z (Andreessen Horowitz)
      • Marcy Venture Partners
      • Serena Williams
      • SuperLayer
      • +1

Token Allocation

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Total Raised
$5 M In 2 rounds