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DIN (Previously Web3Go)

DIN (Previously Web3Go)



Current and Past
DIN (Previously Web3Go) DIN (Previously Web3Go)
  • Airdrop



    Web3Go's activities involve burning "Gold Leaves" for chances to win access chips and minting NFT passports, followed by engagement tasks such as social connections and quizzes.

    Activities 🎮

    Activity "Airdrop Episode 1" Active Activity Program

    Web3Go's "Airdrop Episode 1" lets users burn "Gold Leaves" for a chance to win a chip for xData access, crucial for $DIN token acquisition. The campaign involves initial and pre-TGE leaf snapshots, with a new leaf farming event starting next week. Participants can burn leaves via Web3Go's airdrop page. Zealy campaign participants automatically get 4600 leaves. Chip parts, tradable post-March 28, require 100 pieces to complete. The campaign ends on April 30, with the chip lottery concluding on March 26 and chip confirmation by April 29.

    Incentivized activity Active Activity Farming Mint


    1. Go to the website;
    2. Connect your wallet;
    3. Click on the yellow piece of paper on top;
    4. Mint your NFT passport for 15 cents;
    5. Let's start completing the task below. 
    6. Connect Twitter and Discord.
    7. Complete the quizzes.


  • rocket

    TGE and Distribution


    The TGE (Token Generation Event) announced by DIN (Previously Web3Go) has successfully concluded on Jul 16, 2024 at 00:00 (UTC+3).

  • Private

    Seed Round

    Raised $4 M
    • Binance Labs
    • HashKey Capital
    • NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital)
    • +5
    • Raised
      $4 M
    • Investors
      Binance Labs Binance Labs
      • HashKey Capital
      • NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital)
      • Shima Capital
      • +4


  • Fund Name
  • Type
  • Tier
  • Stage
Binance Labs Binance Labs
Tier 1
  • Seed Round
HashKey Capital HashKey Capital
Ventures Capital
Tier 2
  • Seed Round
NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital) NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital)
Ventures Capital
Tier 3
  • Seed Round
Shima Capital Shima Capital
Ventures Capital
Tier 3
  • Seed Round
Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC)
Angel Investor
Tier 4
  • Seed Round
Archerman Capital Archerman Capital
Ventures Capital
Not Rated
  • Seed Round
Big Brain Holdings Big Brain Holdings
Ventures Capital
Not Rated
  • Seed Round
Lingfeng Capital Lingfeng Capital
Ventures Capital
Not Rated
  • Seed Round

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Total Raised
$4 M In 2 rounds
— Calculated