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Puffer Finance

Puffer Finance



Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    According to information from open sources, there are plans for a token launch, but currently, there is no exact date for the TGE (Token Generation Event).

  • Puffer Finance

    Point Farming

    • TVL
      $1.33 B #5
    • Started
      from Feb 1, 2024
    • Referral program
    • TVL Change 1D
      $1.36 M 0.10%
    • TVL Change 7D
      $1.36 M 0.10%
    • Pre-Valuation
      $250 M #495
    • Investors
      Binance Labs Binance Labs
    • ETH
    • 3.5% ETH APR 3.5% ETH APR
    • Puffer Points Puffer Points
    • Lucidly Point Lucidly Point
    • Olive Point Olive Point
    • Rivalz Point Rivalz Point
    • Eigen Layer Points Eigen Layer Points
    • Gamma Point Gamma Point

    You can deposit ETH into the Puffer Finance and get rewarded with 3.3% APY, EigenLayer Points and Puffer Points. Based on this, there is a possibility for a future distribution of tokens.

    • Point System Activities
      • Referral
      • Stake
      • Points
      • Eigenlayer
      • Restake
      • Active

      The activity occurs as follows:

      1. Deposit stETH and wstETH to earn Puffer and EigenLayer points.

      2. Referral system

    • A high-risk strategy for farming points
      • Active

      This strategy allows you to earn 10-20 times more points per 1 ETH, but it carries the risks of losing the value of your funds, either partially or completely.

      1. Go to the Pendle Finance project website.
      2. Connect your wallet. This strategy is currently available in Ethereum network only.
      3. Purchase the YT pufETH token Ethereum and farm points. Additionally, in the Ethereum network pool, Zircuit points will also be awarded.
      4. The pool in Ethereum will close on 27 June 2024. From this date, the YT pufETH token will completely lose its value and stop generating income and points.

      This strategy is considered high-risk, and you should independently assess all risks and potential profits.

Ended Rounds

  • Puffer Finance

    Series A Round

    • Raised
      $18 M
    • Investors
      Electric Capital Electric Capital
      • Lightspeed Venture Partners
      • Coinbase Ventures
      • ConsenSys
      • +8
  • Puffer Finance

    Funding Round

    • Investors
      Binance Labs Binance Labs
  • Puffer Finance

    Seed Round

    • Raised
      $5.5 M
    • Investors
      Lemniscap Lemniscap
      • Animoca Brands
      • Digital Asset Capital Management (DACM)
      • SNZ Holding
      • +11
  • Puffer Finance


    • Raised
      $120 K
    • Investors
      Ethereum Foundation Ethereum Foundation
  • Puffer Finance


    • Raised
      $650 K
    • Investors
      Jump Crypto Jump Crypto
      • Arcanum Capital
      • Iotex Pad

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Total Raised
$24.27 M In 6 rounds
$250 M Calculated