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          from Jul 3, 2023
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        mrgn points are live on Points provide a quantitative answer to the question of how much a user has contributed to the mrgn ecosystem’s success. Points can be earned in three ways on mrgnlend. As more products emerge in the mrgn ecosystem, new ways of earning points may appear as well.

        Activities 🎮

        Point Farming Active Referral Activity Points


        Users can earn points on mrgnlend by lending and borrowing assets and referring new users. These points are all equal, but some actions have higher points earning potential than others. 1 lending point = 1 borrowing point, but 1 borrowing point can be earned with less capital.

        Lending points

        Any user with current deposits on marginfi has been earning points in the background. Every dollar lent earns 1 point per day. The more you borrow, the more points you earn. The longer you lend, the more points you earn.

        The users who have deposited the most for the longest currently have the most points and will continue to unless someone deposits more.

        Borrowing points

        Borrows are the main driver of a lending protocol’s success and help to grow the overall DeFi eco. As such, borrowers receive more points than lenders. $1 borrowed will earn 4 points per day.

        The collateral lent to open a borrow will count for lending points as well, meaning borrowers earn not only the boosted points from borrowing but also points from lending.


        Users can also earn points through referrals. A referring user will get 10% of the points the users they refer earn. These are not reduced from the referred user's balance, they can still earn points at the same rate outlined above. Additionally, referring users will earn 10% of the 10% any user they refer earns from referring other users. This continues down the tree as more users refer to others.


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        TGE and Distribution


        Marginfi announced the date for the TGE (Token Generation Event). The TGE is tentatively scheduled for Q4, 2024.


      • Private

        Funding Round

        Raised $3 M
        • Multicoin Capital
        • Pantera Capital
        • Ryze Labs (previously Sino Global Capital)
        • Raised
          $3 M
        • Investors
          Multicoin Capital Multicoin Capital
          • Pantera Capital
          • Ryze Labs (previously Sino Global Capital)
          • Solana Ventures


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      Multicoin Capital Multicoin Capital
      Ventures Capital
      Tier 1
      • Funding Round
      Pantera Capital Pantera Capital
      Ventures Capital
      Tier 2
      • Funding Round
      Ryze Labs (previously Sino Global Capital) Ryze Labs (previously Sino Global Capital)
      Ventures Capital
      Tier 2
      • Funding Round
      Solana Ventures Solana Ventures
      Ventures Capital
      Tier 2
      • Funding Round

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      Total Raised
      $3 M In 2 rounds