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Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    Scroll announced the date for the TGE (Token Generation Event). The TGE is scheduled for presumably on Q4, 2024.

  • Scroll

    Point Farming

    #16 in Point Farming
    • Started
      from Sep 17, 2023
    • ETH
    • STONE
    • Scroll Marks Scroll Marks

    In Session Zero, Marks are rewarded to all eligible bridged assets since Scroll's mainnet launch on October 10th, 2023, based on amount and time held on Scroll and users with more than $5 total gas spent on Scroll from the mainnet launch on Oct 10th, 2023 to Apr 29th, 2024 12pm UTC.

Ended Rounds

  • Scroll

    Funding Round

    • Raised
      $50 M
    • Pre-Valuation
      $1.8 B #61
    • Investors
      Bain Capital Bain Capital
      • Polychain Capital
      • Sequoia Capital China
      • Variant Fund
      • +4
  • Scroll

    Series A

    • Raised
      $30 M
    • Investors
      Bain Capital Bain Capital
      • Polychain Capital
      • Robot Ventures
      • Santiago Roel Santos
  • Scroll

    Angel Round

    • Raised
      $3 M

Project Details



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Total Raised
$83 M In 4 rounds
$1.8 B Calculated
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