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Current Rounds

Ended Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch
    • ROI from Listing Price
      0.31x USD 0.28x BTC 0.26x ETH
    • Price on Listing

    The TGE (Token Generation Event) announced by has successfully concluded on May 3, 2024 at 07:00 (UTC+3).


    Seed Round

    • Investors
      Paradigm Paradigm


    Ended is a decentralized social platform associated with Twitter that allows users to buy a share of any user through the Base network in ETH, granting the right to communicate with them directly. In, each user has their own shares. On August 18th, announced the completion of their seed round with participation from Paradigm, after which the transaction volume reached an all-time high across all metrics. The total profit amounted to $2.4 million for the protocol and an equal amount for the shareholders overall. On August 19th, the project even surpassed Uniswap's profit (over $1 million) in a 24-hour period. Link to Dune statistics - The development team consists of two members known by the aliases 0xRace and Shrimp, familiar faces from the SocialFi projects. The duo previously developed the Stealcam application on the Arbitrum network, as well as TweetDAO. Notable Names The project has already attracted notable participants, including Y Combinator CEO Harry Tan, NBA player Grayson Allen, 3AC co-founder Su Zhu, and Faze Clan founder Richard Bengston. Even influencers from OnlyFans are transitioning to Many expect notable figures such as Elon Musk and Arthur Hayes to join in soon. Commission and Pricing The commission for buying and selling shares is 10% (5% to the protocol, 5% to the shareholders). Consequently, influencers will come up with various functions for their shares to encourage users to buy and sell them. The price increases exponentially according to the formula: number of shareholders^2/16,000 For example, if you have 250 shareholders, the price for the next share is 3.9 ETH. If you have 350 shareholders, the price for the next share is 7.6 ETH. With 500 shareholders, the price for the next share is 15.6 ETH.

    • Airdrop
      • Upcoming

      Guide on how to launch the application on PC will be provided in the next section.

      Go to the website and add the page to your home screen.

      Go to the app and register using your phone number (RU numbers are blocked), Google, or Apple account.

      Enter the invite code.

      Connect your Twitter account.

      You will be provided with your Base network address, to which you need to transfer ETH (recommended minimum amount is 0.01 ETH).

      Purchase a share of your account by paying only for gas fees.

      You are now registered.

      How to launch the application on PC:
      Go to the website.

      Press the F12 button and click on the ellipsis icon.

      Go to More tools --> Network Conditions.

      Uncheck the User Agent checkbox.

      Choose the Android version.

      Download the application.

      It may not log you in immediately, and you may need to repeat the same steps within the application (except for the downloading step).

      How to earn through share resale:
      Exercise caution as there is a risk of losing your funds. DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

      Search for successful traders.

      Use Dune analytics to find successful traders, then find their Twitter accounts in the table and visit their pages on Go to the Activity tab and snipe their transactions.

      Track new influencers.

      With the help of the website, you can enter the desired influencer's name and wait for them to register on

      You can also use various services to track which influencers are joining on Twitter and wait for their appearance on the application.


      The influencer-developer has created an open-source bot for that helps perform various functions. Nevertheless, DYOR and verify the code.


      Airdrop Points:
      Every Friday, the project distributes points. They are likely awarded based on transaction volume and count. A total of 100 million points will be distributed over the span of six months. After the beta phase, the points will have a "special purpose."

      For four transactions totaling 0.0018 ETH, I received 79 points.



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  • Market Cap
    $89.38 M
  • FDV
    $89.66 M
  • Volume
    $177.64 K
ROI from Listing Price
  • 0.31x USD
  • 0.28x BTC
  • 0.26x ETH
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$89.66 M