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Prometheus will hold a Strong Holder Offering on the 27. Nov. The SHO will happen on DAO Maker. (Whitelist).
Prometheus will hold a Initial Dex Offering on the 30. Nov. The IDO will happen on GameFi, PolkaFoundry. (Whitelist).



Current and Past
Prometheus Prometheus


  • DAO Maker

    IDO on DAO Maker

    Price $0.7
    ROI 0.01x
    • ROI
      0.01x USD BTC ETH
    • Pre-Valuation
      $21 M #4181
    • Price
    • Platform
  • rocket

    TGE and Distribution

    Price on Listing $5.73
    ROI 0.01x
    • ROI from Listing Price
      0.01x USD 0.01x BTC 0.01x ETH
    • Price on Listing

    The TGE (Token Generation Event) announced by Prometheus has successfully concluded on Nov 30, 2021 at 13:55 (UTC+3).


  • Fund Name
  • Type
  • Tier
  • Stage
AU21 Capital AU21 Capital
Ventures Capital
Tier 3
DAO Maker DAO Maker
Ventures Capital
Tier 3
Momentum 6 (M6) Momentum 6 (M6)
Ventures Capital
Tier 3
Shima Capital Shima Capital
Ventures Capital
Tier 3
Waterdrip Capital Waterdrip Capital
Ventures Capital
Tier 3
Icetea Labs ( Icetea Labs (
Ventures Capital
Tier 4
OIG Oracles Investment Group OIG Oracles Investment Group
Ventures Capital
Tier 4
Youbi Capital Youbi Capital
Ventures Capital
Tier 4
CatcherVC CatcherVC
Ventures Capital
Not Rated
Cypher Capital Cypher Capital
Ventures Capital
Not Rated
Everse Capital Everse Capital
Ventures Capital
Not Rated
LucidBlue Ventures LucidBlue Ventures
Ventures Capital
Not Rated

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MGA Price
DropsTab Stats
$0.00331 -0.48%
  • Market Cap
  • FDV
    $99.3 K
  • Volume
    $14.17 K
Returns since last round
  • 0x USD
  • BTC
  • ETH
Total Raised
In 1 rounds
$99.3 K