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Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    According to information from open sources, there are plans for a token launch, but currently, there is no exact date for the TGE (Token Generation Event).

  • Thetanuts Finance


    Incentive Activities

    On the Thetanuts Finance website, the "Airdrop" tab seems to suggest that this project should not be skipped and that simple tasks should be completed.

    • Quests (activity)
      • Airdrop
      • Activity
      • Quest
      • Active
      The Zealy campaign was launched with a direct hint of a drop for it. Even if you didn’t do anything at all on the project, Zealy needs to be done.
      1.   Follow the link to the Zealy site
      2.   Complete tasks
      To be on the safe side, you can also interact with their platform, throw in a little liquid, for example. If you did testnet, then it’s absolutely great.
    • Potential drop (fill forms 2)
      • Airdrop
      • Active
      Continue to complete Thetanuts Finance tasks with the potential for a drop.
      1. Go to the company page on Galxe

      2. Do quizzes. Answers:

        1.    D C B C

        2.    B B A B

      3. Like the post

      4. Branding points

    • Potential drop (fill forms)
      • Airdrop
      • Active
      What can do?
      1. Go to the quest page "The First Step".
      2. Сarry out the proposed tasks. Quiz answer: "E".
      3. Go to the quest page "The Next Leap".
      4. Сarry out the proposed tasks. Quiz answers: "C"; "C"; "C"; "C".
      5. Branding points
      6. Fill out the form


Ended Rounds

Project Details



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