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Important: Everyone who participated will receive an allocation of GEN dependent on the amount of ETH sent. This was calculated as follows: first we accounted for everyone's minimum guaranteed allocation of 1.1264 ETH, then we distributed the remaining allocation in proportion to the amount of ETH remaining in everyone's request. We have returned any unused ETH and also sent an email detailing GEN allocations and ETH refunds. GEN purchased during the presale will be sent at the end of the main sale.
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(Blockchain Service)
DAOstack is designed to catalyze the future of collaboration. It powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale.
Token Sale ended
8 May 2018
$30,000,000 (100%)

Market & Returns

    GEN token price
  • $0.0487 (-5.66%)
  • 0.000362 ETH
  • 0.00000778 BTC
24h Volume
Market Cap
    Returns since ICO
  • 0.05x
  • 0.27x
  • 0.07x
  • These numbers show how much the token price has changed relative to the initial ICO token price.

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    Medium Interest

    Token Sale: 8 May – 8 May

  • Ticker: GEN
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 GEN = 1.00 USD
  • Fundraising Goal: 30,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 100,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale: 40%
  • Whitelist: Yes (3 May – 7 May, JOIN )
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.5 ETH / None
  • Accepts: ETH
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    DAOstack benefits
    DAOstack benefits
    DAOstack Arc framework
    DAOstack Arc framework
    DAOstack Token distribution
    DAOstack Token distribution
    DAOstack Partners
    DAOstack Partners
    DAOstack Partners

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