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The project has a point system. Based on this, there is a possibility for a future distribution of tokens.(Details).



Current Rounds

Ended Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch
    • ROI from Listing Price
      0.16x USD 0.16x BTC 0.14x ETH
    • Price on Listing

    The TGE (Token Generation Event) announced by Mode has successfully concluded on May 7, 2024 at 11:15 (UTC+3).

  • Mode


    • Tokens For Round
      550 M 5.50%
    • Blockchain
      Mode Mode
    • Point system activities
      • Deposit
      • Bridge
      • point
      • Active

      The activity occurs as follows:

      • you need to register via the link, after which the current number of points available in your wallet will be visible
      • next, you need to use the official bridge from the main Ethereum network to the Mode network
      • after that, activities in the network will be available, as well as the attraction of referral

      The airdrop tokens allocation will be split between.

      • 400,000,000 MODE allocated to the points airdrop
      • 50,000,000 additional MODE unlocked at $100M TVL
      • 50,000,000 additional MODE unlocked at $200M TVL
      • 50,000,000 for 500 NFT lottery winners among the top 20% campaign participants
  • Mode


    • Raised
      $5.3 M
    • Investors
      Optimism Foundation Optimism Foundation

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DropsTab Stats
$0.02295 9.69%
  • Market Cap
    $29.84 M
  • FDV
    $237 M
  • Volume
    $299.74 K
ROI from Listing Price
  • 0.16x USD
  • 0.16x BTC
  • 0.14x ETH
Total Raised
$5.3 M In 2 rounds
$237 M