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There is no data on the upcoming ICO.



Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    According to information from open sources, there are plans for a token launch, but currently, there is no exact date for the TGE (Token Generation Event).

  • Obol Network

    Retroactive Airdrop


    Obol Network - an ecosystem for ETH 2.0 staking that enables people to create, test, launch, and coordinate validator clusters using Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) for secure staking. DVT is a technological primitive that allows for the deployment of Ethereum PoS validators using multiple nodes. After the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, DVT technology may become one of the most popular. By using DVT, individuals can easily become validators, potentially significantly contributing to the decentralization of Ethereum nodes. The project secured 12.5 million in Series A funding from Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Nascent, Spartan Group, Blockscape, and others. The projects founder, Oisín Kyne, previously worked at ConsenSys,Token Foundry, and other organizations. It faces direct competition from Lido (FDV2.4 billion), SSV Network (FDV 204million), and Stader Labs (FDV195 million).

Ended Rounds


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Total Raised
$6.15 M In 2 rounds