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Zenlink is committed to building a new generation of cross-chain DEX network. By integrating the Zenlink DEX Module, Zenlink can enable parachains to quickly possess DEX capabilities and share liquidity with other parachains; Zenlink DEX aggregator can link all DEX DApps on Polkadot. Users can not only complete the exchange easily and quickly, but also enjoy a low slippage transaction experience; Zenlink's native token ZLK provides a fair and transparent governance mechanism and reasonable value capture methods to incentivize ecological users to participate in long-term network development.
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  • Ticker: ZLK
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Short Review

  • Role of Token: Utility
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    Zenlink Partners
    Zenlink Roadmap


    Blockchain Service
    $10,000,000 / $10,000,000 100%
    Decentralized project learning....
    Not Rated
    Blockchain Service
    $10,000,000 100%
    Ended: 28 Jan

    GetKicks DAO Maker

    Blockchain Service
    $1,430,000 / $1,430,000 100%
    GetKicks is a Web3 company...
    Not Rated
    Blockchain Service
    Ended: 13 Oct


    Real Estate
    $27,500,000 / $30,000,000 92%
    Fully operational long-term...
    Not Rated
    Real Estate
    $27,500,000 92%
    Ended: 1 Mar


    Blockchain Service
    $7,380,000 / $19,000,000 39%
    Loci will revolutionize the...
    Not Rated
    Blockchain Service
    $7,376,751 39%
    Ended: 31 Dec