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Current Rounds

  • TGE and Distribution

    Token Launch

    ZkLink announced the date for the TGE (Token Generation Event). The TGE is scheduled for presumably on Q2, 2024.

  • ZkLink

    Staking & Farming

    Deposit assets like ETH and others into zkLink Nova to earn Nova Points (NP) and a Soulbound Token (SBT). Increase your NP and evolve your SBT into a tradable NFT by inviting friends and completing tasks. Higher stakes and leaderboard ranks mean more NP. All NP can convert to $ZKL at season's end.

  • ZkLink

    Testnet Airdrop


    Upcoming tests involve using zkJump for cross-chain swaps and obtaining test tokens via a faucet, as well as executing trades on DEX-ZKEX by connecting wallets, activating accounts, and selecting assets, aiming to improve decentralized trading and cross-chain functionality.

    • Testing the cross-chain bridge - zkJump
      • Testing
      • Swap
      • Ended
      1. Go to the zkJump website.
      2. Connect your wallet.
      3. Choose networks.
      4. Perform swaps.
    • Testing the cross-chain bridge - zkJump
      • Trance
      • Ended

      Get test tokens:

      1. Go to the faucet, register/login.
      2. Enter your wallet address.
      3. Click "Send Me ETH."
    • Trading on DEX-ZKEX
      • Trading
      • Ended
      1. Go to the ZKEX website.
      2. Connect your wallet.
      3. Activate your account by signing transactions.
      4. Choose an asset.
      5. Execute trades.

Ended Rounds

  • ZkLink

    Public Sale

    • Raised
      $4.69 M
    • Tokens For Round
      31.25 M ZKL 3.12%
    • Pre-Valuation
      $150 M #810
    • Price
    • Platform

    Lockup: 30% unlock on or around March 31, 2024, followed by 9 months of monthly linear vesting

  • ZkLink

    Strategic Round

    • Raised
      $10 M
    • Investors
      Ascensive Assets Ascensive Assets
      • Coinbase Ventures
      • Csquared (C2Ventures)
      • Big Brain Holdings
      • +2
  • ZkLink

    Funding Round

    • Raised
      $8.5 M
    • Investors
      Arrington XRP (Arrington Capital) Arrington XRP (Arrington Capital)
      • Ascensive Assets
      • Fenbushi Capital
      • HTX Ventures (previously Huobi Ventures)
      • +9

Token Allocation

Project Details

Token Release Schedule




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Total Raised
$23.19 M In 5 rounds
$150 M Calculated

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